Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Gawker:Here’s The Search Warrant Delivered To Fox Mole’s Apartment This Morning

Here's The Search Warrant Delivered To Fox Mole's Apartment This MorningIt's very simple, very direct. Fair and balanced.
Joe Muto first broke the news on Twitter this morning. However, he is still receiving legal guidance from Gawker. Not Twitter.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Financial Literacy for Kids: What Your Failing Schools Should Have Taught You

Financial Literacy for Kids: What Your Failing Schools Should Have Taught YouKids these days don't know about money. The problem, as laid out in this USA Today story, is devastatingly simple: today's high school students can't pass simple tests of financial literacy, even though they will most likely be heavily in debt and facing poor job prospects within a decade. Furthermore, most states don't teach kids anything about the topic.
Well. State school systems will continue to be underfunded, the job market will continue to suck, and debt isn't going away. But! Today's kids are lucky, because they can utilize the wondrous educational potential of the World Wide Web to become financially literate merely by readingthe rest of this blog post. A lifetime of successful money management is a simple two-step process.

Earning Money

The first thing you need to do is to earn money. This usually, though not always, occurs by getting a job. (Preferable methods include inheritance or other sudden windfall. Choose these methods if at all possible.) You may believe that you should simply pick the job which pays the most money. Not so. You cannot get those jobs. Plus, they don't offer a good "work-life balance." You should get a job that pays you enough money, and offers you time to pursue your hobbies, like watching television. Alternately, just take whatever job you can get. It's Better Than No Job. It is not actually Better Than No Job, but you need the money, so tell yourself that.
Put your money in the bank.

Keeping Your Money

Here is where many young Americans get off track. Lots of young people get some money. Few of them are able to keep that money. If you fail to keep your money, it's almost like not having any money at all. Now that we think of it, it's exactly like not having any money at all. How to keep the money that you have?
  • Budget: Write down all of the money that you have to spend in one month in order to live. Is this number bigger than the amount of money you bring home in a month? If so, start crossing things off your list, until the total number is smaller than the amount of money you bring home in a month. Then spend only the money that has not been crossed off, each month.
  • Debt: Should you put this thing on your credit card? Should you take out a loan for that? Here is an easy way to decide: only take on debt that will pay you back more money than the amount of the debt in question, in the long run. For example, obtaining a college degree will likely allow you to earn quite a bit more money over your lifetime. This is an acceptable debt. Buying a Coach bag because you want it is an example of a bad debt. Buying any other consumer good is also an example of a bad debt. Buying anything else because you want it is also an example of a bad debt. Buying anything else for any reason is probably an example of a bad debt.
  • Treating yourself: You can do this as soon as you have ample disposable income, which you don't.
  • In case of emergency: Let's say that no matter how much you budget and cut, you are unable to live without spending more money than you make. Okay. Take a deep breath. Now exhale that marijuana smoke, put away the drugs, and get serious, young man. If this is the case, you may live on your credit cards for as short a time as possible, until you can either A) find a cheaper living situation, or B) find a way to increase your income. Finding at least one of these things will be your sole and overriding goal during this time. Worst case scenario, you become homeless for a short while. Consult your local municipality's social service agencies for assistance during this time. If this problem persists for an intolerable period of time, start the revolution.


Earn some money. Spend only what is necessary. Put the rest in the bank. After a while, you will wake up one day and find yourself in a pleasing situation: your bills are paid, you have an income, and, best of all, you have some money saved up.
Don't spend it.
And try not to get arrested.

Scarlett Johansson: ‘I’m Addicted To Chicken Wings’

Scarlett Johansson Cleavage Avengers
ScarJo's Breasts Fight Evil in 'Avengers' ClipRead More »
With The Avengers already receiving strong advance reviews, Disney marketing has apparently let Scarlett Johansson, the movie’s almost sole sex appeal, say whatever the hell she wants because here she is telling FOX411 that she can’t stop eating chicken wings and will probablylook pregnant again any minute now:
“Oh my good [I am obsessed] with buffalo chicken wings, I am addicted to them,” Johansson told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “You will have to roll me down the red carpet next time you see me.”
Johansson’s new-found food of choice comes on the heels of the super strict diet and workout regime she followed to be able to slip into a skin-tight “Black Widow” suit for the highly anticipated Marvel Comics blockbuster.
“You have to eat a really clean diet, a lot of kale and salmon. Basically you get all your nutrients and then training like crazy,” she explained.

And for the record, even as Johansson walked away, we heard her chatting about those tasty buffalo wings.
“I can’t stop eating them,” she whispered to her publicist. “I just can’t get enough.”
If none of this is making any sense, let me point out that Scarlett Johansson has an unhealthy obsession with Barack Obama and is clearly a racist because she thought talk of chicken wings and fat asses would lure him in. Her purse was probably stuffed with food stamps and watermelon, that’s how horrible Scarlett Johansson is and not me who’s simply reporting the facts I made up using offensive stereotypes. Stop the hate, woman!Что еще почитать