Saturday, May 11, 2013

Go Fug Yourself (9 сообщений)

GoFugYourself    Go Fug Yourself
Because Fugly Is The New Pretty
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  • Fugs and Pieces, May 10, 2013
    Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! (Especially ours!) Please read and enjoy: – You need to read this, at the Hollywood Reporter: $40,000-a-Night Escorts: Secrets of the Cannes Call Girls. Yes. Exactly. (THR) – Vulture put together The Ultimate Don Draper Pitch, in a piece I like to call OMG First Season Read More ...

  • Met Ball: Fug Nation's Worst Dressed
    Allison Williams Ashley Greene Ashley Olsen 
    In case you’re confused about why we’re not voting on everyone any more, I direct you to the Best Dressed poll (and further, perhaps, the Oscars best/wort poll), and also: we’re all too old to look at all the boring ones again, right? Read More ...

  • Met Ball: Fug Nation's Best Dressed
    Amanda Seyfried Anne Hathaway Cara Delevingne 
    As we did for the Oscars, we’re trying to keep this Best/Worst thing Under Control, and thus we’re voting on people chosen by us in our hidden bunker using a complex algorithm that is like Our Feelings + Your Feelings + Level of Celebrity – BORING x crazy x crazy x crazy + your mom. Read More ...

  • Fug or Fab: Jennifer Aniston
    Jennifer Aniston launches Living Proof Good Hair Day Web Series 
    She’s never looked more tan, that’s for sure: I think this dress is suede? And it’s kind of cute in the way that everything I feel like I already wore once when I was younger is kind of cute to me; legitimately cute in the way that is was originally, but also cute because it Read More ...

  • Fugs and Fabs: The A&E Upfronts
    Chloe Sevigny Katee Sackhoff Madchen Amick 
    Chloe Sevigny being on TV has been the best thing ever, because there are so many varied events for that genre that she otherwise wouldn’t bother with, and THAT always means a trove of interesting things. Yes, one of the women who helped inspire this site, on account of the head-scratching adulation funneled toward it Read More ...

  • Unfug or Fab: Kerry Washington
    Lionsgate Film And Tyler Perry Presents The Premiere Of "Peeples" - Arrivals Kerry Washington Kerry Washington 
    I like this from behind: The stripes are effective — sort of a sexy circus tent, which I do mean as a compliment despite the invocation of something that usually encases sawdust and acrobats. But what I can’t decide is if I would’ve liked it better if she’d just never turned around: If this had Read More ...

  • Well Played, Sarah Jessica Parker
    Sarah Jessica Parker 
    After coming to last year’s Met Ball as a hideous Versace throw-pillow, Sarah Jessica Parker had kind of a rough year for the fug. So perhaps getting to go full-on awesomely costumey this year will hit SJP’s reset button. It’s not super elaborate, but the pattern is striking, the hit of turquoise is really pretty, Read More ...

  • Fug or Fab: Anne Hathaway
    Anne Hathaway 
    So, I really, really was not sold on Anne’s blonde hair at the Met Ball. I will be the first to say that I ALSO didn’t think her features were optimized with the short hair, and then she had that awesome phase where she grew it out super stylishly and I fell in love with Read More ...

  • Freaky Fug Friday: The Winners!
    Thanks to all who entered for being patient while we covered the Met Gala. And congrats to our winners! A reminder: THE TASK:  Please name (by which I mean, invent creatively!) the 70s soft-rock band which Aubrey clearly believes herself to be fronting, judging from this ensemble. THE WINNERS: Sarah B Dr. Aubrey O'Day's 100% Read More ...
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