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  • Rhode Island Supports LOVE! Tenth State To Legalize Same Sex Marriage!!!

    Tears! Oceans full of happy tears!!!

    Many non-straight humans in Rhode Island were granted the right to officiate their love last night, a right that is STILL denied to the majority of same sex couples the world over.

    RI -- which is a largely Catholic region-- is now the tenth American state to legalize same sex marriage. The bill passed 56-15 in a state house vote.

    House Speaker Gordon Fox, D-Providence -- who himself is gay and was pictures embracing his partner (above) -- said last night:

    "Democracy feels good, doesn't it? This tells me our relationship does matter. It means that we mean something."

    What a happy day for humans everywhere! A day to celebrate love, tolerance, and democracy, which you know, are all pretty integral to a peaceful existence!

    Here's to hoping that this latest display of acceptance and understanding sparks a wider movement towards legalizing same sex marriage in America.

    Every human deserves the right to marry, regardless of what gender they prefer to snuggle in bed with at night!

    [Image via AP Images.]


  • Minka Kelly Rumored To Be The New Frontrunner For 50 Shades Of Grey's Anastasia!

    Move over Jennifer Lawrence!

    We might just have a new frontrunner for the wonderfully naughty role of Anastasia in the highly - and we mean HIGHLY - anticipated Fifty Shades of Grey flick!

    Minka Kelly might just score the racy gig of a lifetime if the rumors are true!

    She certainly has the bod for the sexy timez-filled part!

    The ridiculously hot Friday Night Lights star is apparently under consideration for the role despite being about ten years older than the character in the book.

    Helloooo, Minka can DEFINITELY pass for ten years younger! Girl is flawless!

    And with Alex Pettyfer possibly in the running for Christian Grey, our mind is getting its kink on picturing these two getting their kink on!

    Hopefully Chris Evans isn't the jealous type!

    But what do YOU think? Is Minka right for the role??

    [Image via FayesVision/WENN.]


  • Celebs Who Have Gotten BASHED In Songs

    When you're a musician, what better way to express your feelings than by writing a song?

    Sometimes, those feelings are strong ones, about another person, and they're not good feelings.

    And sometimes those musicians are famous and they're not too happy with another celeb!

    CLICK HERE to view the gallery "Celebs Who Have Gotten BASHED In Songs"

    CLICK HERE to view the gallery "Celebs Who Have Gotten BASHED In Songs"

    CLICK HERE to view the gallery "Celebs Who Have Gotten BASHED In Songs"

    CLICK HERE to view the gallery "Celebs Who Have Gotten BASHED In Songs"

    CLICK HERE to view the gallery "Celebs Who Have Gotten BASHED In Songs"

    CLICK HERE to view the gallery "Celebs Who Have Gotten BASHED In Songs"

    [Image via WENN.]


  • Lindsay Lohan BEGS Fired Lawyer To Come Back; Makes Last Minute Rehab Deal!

    It all makes sense now! Lindsay Lohan is a real life magic maker who bewitches people into doing what she wants...

    Because that is the ONLY explanation that would make us understand WHY Lilo's ex-lawyer -- who she FIRED -- decided to take the troubled starlet BACK last night as a client, especially since Lindz reportedly owes her about $300,000 in legal fees.

    But magic or no, it's true. Mark Heller, the man who LIED to the judge yesterday when he claimed Lindsay was ensconced in the bosom of Morningside Recovery when she was really shopping at Fry's Electronics is OUT, and Shawn Holley is IN after some (supposed) excessive begging from Lilo.

    And lucky for Lindz, Shawn apparently used her savvy lawyering skills to finagle a rush deal with the LA City attorney for Lindsay to attend the Betty Ford Center...

    Although no news as to whether or not Lindz has arrived at THAT rehab location, or if she's pulled another disappearing act.

    One alleged insider reveals:

    "Lindsay cut a last minute deal with the D.A. to go to Betty Ford. Shawn Holley helped to broker the agreement with [Los Angeles] City Attorney [Terry White] late Thursday night. It's unclear if she has checked in."

    Last we heard is that if Lindsay is NOT physically dwelling in an approved treatment facility by 6am TODAY, she will be arrested...

    So stay tuned, folks, cause we have a feeling the drama is only going to intensify in this latest installment of The Adventures of Lindsay Lohan: The Kid Who Lives Like There's No Consequences!

    [Image via Ramey Pix.]


  • Reese Witherspoon Pretends She's PREGGERS In Dash Cam Footage Of Arrest!!

    Holy handcuffs!! You really can't get away with ANYTHING in these modern days of constant, digital observation!

    Reese Witherspoon and her hubby Jim Toth faced their fates yesterday concerning thier recent DUI/disorderly conduct arrests...

    And even though we bet the Hollywood lovers hoped the dramz would be OVER once the (guilty) judgement had been made, it seems there are a couple more juicy scandal nugget for y'all to munch upon.

    Like... dash cam videos which depict the ENTIRE boozy incident!!

    And even though Reese isn't as belligerent as we initially were led to believe, she does make some pretty outrageous claims -- like being PREGNANT -- to try and divert attention away from her already cuffed husbad.

    A tactic that actually kind of worked, if you think about it!

    Watch Reese's "crazy" behavior (her words not ours!) ...AFTER THE JUMP!!!

    [Image via WENN.]


  • Khloe Kardashian Doesn't Let Haters Get Her Down! Quote Of The Day!

    "I'm confident in who I am. I've always known that I'm not Kim and I'm not Kourtney. I've always been okay with that. I probably thought I was prettier before I entered the spotlight, because being compared to somebody else every day does sort of beat up your spirit and soul."

    -- Khloe Kardashian, talking to British Cosmopolitan about the criticism she receives on her appearance.

    [Image via WENN.]


  • Kardashian House Reportedly Held Teen Sex Romps; What The Tabs Are Talking About!

    Once again, the Kardashians have monopolized the tabloids.

    On one cover, we see a slimmer Khloe Kardashian flaunting her seXXy bikini body, sans 30lbs!

    And on another, there's an angle of Kim Kardashian that kinda makes her look like Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham...

    But the WORST this week is the cover about a woman alleged to be their former nanny, who's 'revealing all' by spreading salacious tales about "teen sex romps" in the parents' bed!

    This supposed nanny also insists she witnessed years of cruel mind games and violence, and reports that Khloe endured harsh verbal abuse from her mother over being chubby.

    Umm... didn't this JUST happen?? But with Robert's widow??

    Pshh... anything to make a buck, we guess!


    For those of you who enjoy a little darkness in your day, The Globe is giving you just that! Pick them up next time you're waiting in line to read all about Garth Brooks' supposed life of lies. You'll also get some vomit-inducing pics of the Boston bombing suspects... or at least it's supposedly them!


    Kate Middleton actually knows how to keep it together, and for that we applaud her to infinity and beyond. Hmm... speaking of gratuitous Disney references, why haven't we seen THEM at Disneyland, yet??

    They've got enough coin. They can totally pull a Mariah Carey and rent the place out! LOLz!

    But anyways, her pregnancy is giving everyone butterflies, because it's basically like everyone's sister is about to have a baby. And we just can't get enough of it!!

    CLICK HERE to learn how she and Prince William spritzed romance all over their 2-year anniversary!

    And CLICK HERE to see how she's still absolutely perfect, even when her hubby is away on their actual anniversary date! Gurl knows how to carry that baby weight well!!


  • Beyoncé Takes Flight In Epic NEW Clip! Watch The Video HERE!!

    Beyoncé is unstoppable! Not just in real life, but in the movies, too!!

    The singer and occasional actress is hitting the big screen in the upcoming animated movie Epic as Queen Tara, the nature-loving monarch of a magical forest. And she's caught kicking some serious butt in the film's newly released clip!

    Epic looks absolutely ADORBS! We're sure Blue Ivy is gonna love this!

    Ch-ch-check out the video ...AFTER THE JUMP!!!

    The film hits theaters May 22nd! Stay tuned!


  • Justin Timberlake To Spin Gold On The Big Screen!

    No, Justin Timberlake is not going to star in a modern day version of Rumpelstiltskin sillies!

    Even though we're well aware of his ability to spin straw into gold, the Mirrors singer will actually be proving his multi-talented prowess once again in the 1970s Neil Bogart biopic Spinning Gold!!!

    The movie will tell the rags-to-riches story of the poor kid from Brooklyn who grew up to become a pop music culture legend by launching the careers of Curtis Mayfield, Gladys Knight, KISS, and the Village People to name a few.

    Timothy Scott Bogart, script writer and son of the movie's subject, said:

    "For over 30 years, my father's story has been the source of intense fascination.The wait to finally tell the story had always ben about partnering with the right person to play him -- and the wait ended the first time Justin I ever met."

    But JT isn't going to be the only one supplying the star power for the flick!

    Justin's latest creative endeavor will be financed and produced by none other than Matt Damon, who plans to shop the film at the Cannes Film Market.

    Luckily for Matt, his leading man already plans to be at Cannes for his OTHER sure-to-be hit Inside Lleweyn Davis.

    He has his seXXXy hand in so many projects right now, we don't know how he does it all!

    Filming isn't scheduled to take place until next year, but we can't wait to see that gorgeous, talented mug return to theaters!!!!

    [Image via WENN.]


  • The Bling Ring Final Poster Released In Full Glory! Check It Out HERE!

    The final Bling Ring poster is everything we dreamed it would be!!!

    The lovely Emma Watson is front and center, strutting a luxurious fur vest and pricy Hermes bag. And her surrounding cronies? They look equally glam.

    To the point where if we were to see them walking, just like that, through Beverly Hills, they would totes blend with the usual crowd there. LOLz!

    We looovveesss it and cannot WAIT for this film to be out already!!

    Wonder if real-life inspiration for The Bling Ring, Alexis Neiers, will send more angry tweets after seeing the poster, ha!

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