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  • Mariah Carey Will Debut Her #Beautiful Music Video On American Idol! Deets On New Manager AND Album HERE!


    After all the feuding and fighting that has plagued American Idol this season, this will be a much-needed reprieve from the madness!

    We've already gotten a taste of Mariah Carey's new single with Miguel, #Beautiful, and now, news has surfaced that its music video will be premiering IN FULL on her reality competition this coming Wednesday, May 8th!

    YES! We cannot wait!

    Furthermore, the diva, who has also reportedly split from her manager/co-Idol-judge Randy Jackson due to busy schedules in lieu of the Red Light agency, will have her still-untitled new album ready for release sometime between June 25th and July 7th!

    Sources reveal that the majority of her new tune-age is in the same vein as #Beautiful, with more of a focus on vocals and less of a hip-hop influence than some of her more recent material!

    This album could very well be the SMASH of the summer!

    And it couldn't come at a better time! We're in DIRE need of Mimi's otherworldly vocal prowess!

    What do U think?? Are U excited to see #Beautiful??

    [Image via WENN.]


  • Megan Fox Gets Her Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles On In Midtown Manhattan!

    Regardless of franchise creator Peter Laird's opinion of her casting, Megan Fox made her official debut as investigative journalist April O'Neil on the Midtown Manhattan set of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot this afternoon!

    And sadly, it appears her iconic yellow jumpsuit did NOT make it into her characterization in this re-telling, either!

    But hey! We'd say the fashion choices are perfectly appropriate, considering she spent the day filming in an underground subway station! Yellow would have just left more visible stains! LOLz!

    Ch-ch-check her out (above)!

    Pretty ferosh, right?!

    We know it's not due out for another year, but this has actually gotten us pretty psyched for some more turtle power!

    What do U think? Are U looking forward to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

    [Image via Splash News.]


  • True Blood's New Promo For Season Six Promises "The Beginning Of The End!" Watch HERE!

    Thank Billith goodness!

    While there have been quite a few teasers so far for the much-anticipated, upcoming sixth season of True Blood, none have yet to give us what we want...until now!

    And what might that be?!

    Why, our beloved Viking Vampire Eric SHIRTLESS, of course!

    Ch-ch-check him out, as well as some SLIGHTLY SPOILERIFIC info for what will be going on this year with our friends in Bon Temps (above)!

    Sadly, there's no new information regarding the apparent DEATH of a beloved character, but it definitely looks as though a full-blown WAR between vam-purrs and humans is coming our way!

    Gah! We want it all NOW!

    What do U think?? Does waiting suck for U, too?!


  • Lindsay Lohan Returns To Betty Ford Center! Her FIRST Photo From Rehab HERE!

    We don't know how she managed to yet again slither her way out of trouble, but despite all of the odds stacked against her, Lindsay Lohan made it to the court-approved Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage Thursday night!

    As we've reported, the troubled starlet went through a pretty harrowing 24 hours, after she walked out on the unlicensed Morningside Recovery after two minutes that same morning, then fired attorney Mark Heller in lieu of the incredibly loyal and patient Shawn Chapman Holley!

    But right before a warrant could be issued for her arrest, she was safely and securely back in the facility at which she assaulted a staffer back in 2010...and we have a photo of her right as she was dropped off!

    Ch-ch-check it out (above)!

    Glad to see her looking so put-together AND relaxed, given the circumstances surrounding this whole debacle!

    But hopefully, she can keep it up...and this is the ONLY place she'll be photographed for the next 90-odd days!

    [Image via Splash News.]


  • Nicki Minaj Takes To Twitter To SLAM Journalist For Calling Her "Unprofessional!"

    Looks like Nicki Minaj was only JUST GETTING STARTED with her Twitter rant against Mariah Carey earlier in the week!

    Now, however, the rapper has re-directed her social networking wrath on Access Hollywood's Laura Saltman and Billy Bush, the former of whom wrote a column slamming her alleged "unprofessional" behavior during a recent American Idol taping!

    In the piece, Saltman recounts that Nicki ignored her backstage when she tried to ask about the feud between the co-judges, and because of this and her on-line digs at Mimi, wrote that she is merely "a mean girl, a cyber-bully who is just perpetuating the problems of social media!"


    And apparently, Her Minajesty felt the sting herself, because it prompted her to UNLEASH on Twitter in a BIG way!

    Seems to us like this situation could have been handled by both parties without either choosing to resort to such below-the-belt and personal attacks...especially when attempting to start a dialogue about bullying and social media!

    But check out Nicki's digs...AFTER THE JUMP!!!

    What do U think?? Was she out of line or just defending herself?!

    [Image via WENN.]


  • Britney Spears Races Down The Freeway As California Wildfires Spread Close To Her Calabasas Home!

    Oh NO! This must have been so scary!

    An El Lay-area wildfire has burned over 28,000 acres in two days and is threatening close to 4,000 homes, and it appears that Britney Spears' Calabasas residence may be one of them!

    Apparently, he was spotted driving toward the flames and smoke yesterday afternoon...presumably to get her children Sean Preston and Jayden James and HIGH-TAIL IT OUTTA' THERE!

    Witnesses saw the pop sensation and a bodyguard in her white Jaguar convertible as they sped back to the house, even getting stuck in traffic due to the wildfire causing road closures, and looking pretty concerned throughout!

    Luckily, she made it home in one piece, and we're sure that she and her family, like many others, have re-located for the time being!

    But STILL! We can't even begin to imagine how frightening the prospect of losing everything - and possibly injury to loved ones - must have been! Even if it's only a slim one!

    You, your family, and all the others who are currently displaced due to the dangerous flames are in our thoughts!

    Here's hoping for some cool weather to help extinguish these suckers!


  • Kim Kardashian Considers Including Kimbryo In Keeping Up With The Kardashian Cast DESPITE Kanye West's Disapproval!

    Uh-oh! Sounds like somebody's having second thoughts here!

    Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have long maintained that when their first child will NOT be making any appearances on mom's E! reality series, Keeping Up With The Kardashians when the Kimbryo finally arrives this July!

    However, in a recent interview alongside her sisters, Kourtney and Khloe, the reality starlet definitely sounds as though the decision for privacy was more-so her MAN'S doing than her own...and in time, their tune might change!

    She explains:

    "I don't think so. Not as of right now. I love and enjoy seeing Mason and Penelope on the show. But Scott and Kourtney are in the same business of reality television, so it works for them."

    And right, Khloe was quick to jump in with:

    "Never say never."

    Very inneresting, indeed!

    And a FAR CRY from the adamant "NO" she articulated way back when!

    But then again, Kanye doesn't even want to appear on the show HIMSELF, so we'll be very curious to find out of if Kim is able to convince him otherwise at some point down the road!

    What do U think?? Will their baby be the next Keeping Up With The Kardashians kastmember?!

    [Image via WENN.]


  • Chris Brown Celebrates Birthday With EX-GIRLFRIEND While Rihanna Is Away!

    Here we go again...

    Guess Chris Brown wasn't just interested in inviting his FANS to his pre-birthday celebrations this weekend!

    Nope! The volatile singer was spotted hitting up the Emerson nightclub in Hollywood with his crew last night (above) and according to witnesses, his EX-GIRLFRIEND Karrueche Tran was right by her former man's side the entire evening!

    Apparently, despite his on-again/off-again relationship with Rihanna, Breezy and his former lady love are still very much in each other's he made sure that she was included on the guest list!

    Wonder if that still would have been an option if RiRi weren't currently busy with all of her Diamonds in NYC!

    Then again, with all of the Twitter following and un-following between these three, who even knows who's actually together at this point and who isn't?!

    Perhaps we'll find out tonight when he brings part two of the birthday fiesta to Vegas!

    What do U think?? Are Chris and Karrueche back together?!

    [Image via Splash News.]


  • Demi Lovato Facing Pressure From Simon Cowell To LOSE WEIGHT For X Factor?! Hold Up!

    We've all seen Simon Cowell's no-nonsense, harsh tongue at work on both the judges panel for American Idol and X Factor, but this is just UGLY. And because of that, we sincerely hope that this not true.

    According to a new report in Star Magazine, however, he's apparently told returning judge Demi Lovato that despite her well-documented public breakdown and rehab stint for self-harming and bulimia, she STILL needs to lose 20 pounds before the reality competition begins production next fall, and is demanding that she work off the weight this summer!

    Insiders explain:

    "Simon doesn't expect Demi to be supermodel skinny, but he does want her to look like she's in shape. He's set a weight-loss goal of 20 lbs. for Demi and asked her to work hard on it through the spring and summer. [Simon] is very supportive of her battles and is going above and beyond to make sure she loses weight in a healthy way."


    Because we think being supportive of her battle would be to not put ANY excess pressure on her regarding her body.

    She's looking FABULOUS as she is, not to mention BARELY out of her sober living facility, and he's going to start making her feel uncomfortable with her size?


    A spokesperson for Simon has issued the following statement:

    "This story is complete lies. Simon has never and would never, ever say this. It has been completely made up."

    Phew! So glad to hear that this is nonsense! As it SHOULD be!

    You've worked SO hard to get to where you're at now, Demi! Don't let ANYBODY make you feel like there's anything you have to change about yourself!

    [Image via WENN.]


  • Vibrator Racing Is The SeXXXiest Sport You Never Knew Existed! Watch The Vid HERE!

    We thought the only communal vibrators in Las Vegas were in the ladies room at Chippendale's, but Sin City is apparently crazier than we realized!!!

    Casinos are now holding vibrator races!!!


    Guests are literally throwing cash at their favorite dancing dildo as they watch it scoot (slowly) across a poker table!

    Ha! Some folks will bet on anything!!!

    Ch-ch-check out the vid for yourself (above)!

    We've seen people do cray cray shiz with their sex toys, but this is downright peculiar!!

    Do U think the vibrator races are here to stay OR is this just a passing fad and a shameful waste of vibrator batteries?

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