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EGOTASTIC TOP STORY:Bella Hadid Thong Tush, Miley Cyrus Headlight Slip, Stella Maxwell Sideboob Highlight the Sextastic Twitpic Roundup

Bella Hadid Thong Tush, Miley Cyrus Headlight Slip, Stella Maxwell Sideboob Highlight the Sextastic Twitpic Roundup

People often ask me, Bill, what makes you happy? Now, think of those thoughts while we attach these electrodes to your temples and be sure to bite hard on the stick. Kindness is always a setup. But in those shocking moments I often find my grey matter dwelling on the goodness that are social media share selfies and candids. Those favorite sextastic celebrities of ours baring their wares for the simply joy of sharing and being virtually loved. I virtually love each and every one of them. Often, thrice nightly.
This week’s Sextastic Twitpic Roundup includes Stella Maxwell barely covering her sweet peaches,Bella Hadid eighteen and thong asstastic, Miley Cyrus careless about her tank top placement, Kate Upton in a tiny busty bikini, Rumer Willis and Tallulah Willis in bikinis, and much much more. There’s so much self-shared celebrity skin packed into this one gallery, I fear I may need a second Twix bar to munch one while perusing. You may choose your own happy stress instrument of gnawing. Go forth and enjoy.
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Enrique Iglesias Versus Drone: Drone Wins By Slicing His Fingers

Enrique Iglesias Versus Drone: Drone Wins By Slicing His Fingers

Enrique Iglesias was performing at a concert in Tijuana, Mexico when he grabbed a drone that was hovering above him onstage and it ended up cutting him. Videos of the incident posted on social media show Iglesias holding onto the drone with his left hand, then slowly reaching towards it with his other hand, when it sliced up his fingers. The drone immediately fell to the ground right before an explosion of confetti flurried onstage. It was all very dramatic.

Kim and Kanye, Who Have Had Sex at Least Twice, Confirm Pregnancy

2015-06-01 02:33:00

Apparently Kanye West has a new project with Kim Kardashian dropping in the next nine months—lets just hope their second baby turns out better than Yeezus.

Read more...Hooters Waitress Donates Her Kidney to Customer

2015-05-31 21:05:00

A waitress at a Hooters in Roswell, Georgia gave the best customer service of her lifetime by donating one of her kidneys to a restaurant regular. Mariana Villarreal had only been working at the restaurant for three months when she offered one of her kidneys to Don Thomas, a longtime customer who had lost both of his kidneys to cancer. Villarreal's grandmother had recently passed away from kidney failure. Since she wasn't able to help her grandmother, she felt compelled to help Thomas, affectionally nicknamed "The Don" by Hooters staff. Miracles can happen anywhere, even breastaurants.

Read more...Woman Goes Blind in One Eye After Cat Licks Her

2015-05-31 22:05:00

An Ohio woman woke up one day with the sight in her left eye completely gone. For about a month, doctors were unable to diagnose Janese Walters' sudden vision problem. It wasn't until she mentioned she had a cat that they figured out what was wrong. Walters had acquired a bacterial infection called cat-scratch disease, also known as the old-timey sounding, "cat-scratch fever." It's not just the name of a Ted Nugent song, it's real.
Elizabeth Smart Gave Birth to a Baby Girl

2015-05-31 22:55:00

Elizabeth Smart is now a mom. The 27-year-old kidnapping survivor gave birth to a baby girl named Chloe, back in February. Smart was 14 when she was taken from her parent's home in Salt Lake City in 2002. She was held captive by a street preacher for nine months before she was found.
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Old Man Slashes Woman's Tires After She Sits in His Bingo Seat

2015-05-31 23:45:00

For some people, bingo isn't just a game, it's serious business. 82-year-old Fred Smith became angry when he saw 88-year-old Ethel Britt sitting in his favorite bingo seat. In an act of geriatric revenge, he slashed the tires on her van with an ice pick. The bingo game occurred at Lake Ashton Retirement Community Club House in Lake Wales, Florida.

Looks Like Nicki Minaj Dumped Meek Mill's Ass

2015-06-01 00:45:00

I hate to say I told you so, but I kind of hinted in a recent Dirt Bag that things with Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill seemed to be on the fritz (I mean, come on: the guy said they're "feeling each other out" when asked how the relationship is going.) And if Nicki's not-so-subtle Twitter and Instagram posts as of late are any indication, they are.

Apple Wants iTunes Radio To Be as Big as Madonna

2015-06-01 02:30:00

Now that Tidal has, so far, proven to be simply a Nice Idea, Apple is stepping up its iTunes Radio game and attempting to recruit the likes of Drake, Pharrell and David Guetta as guest DJs for its Beats by Dre streaming service.

JEZABEL:Swedish Men To Get Three Months of Mandatory Paid Paternity Leave

Swedish Men To Get Three Months of Mandatory Paid Paternity Leave 

2015-05-31 19:00:00

Beginning in 2016, Sweden will give new fathers a third month of required paid parental leave. The country already has one of the most generous parental leave policies, it currently allows parents to take 16 months of government-paid time off to care for newborns that must be split between both parents. The law requires fathers to take at least two of those months off. That two months has now been extended to three months.

Novelist Finds That Books About Women Don't Win Major Awards

2015-05-31 17:30:00

We already knew that publishing is hard for women. VIDA's annual count is a persistent reminder that, while the gender gap in publishing has begun to close, it's still far from approaching equality.

Watch Florence and the Machine Perform Ship to Wreck

2015-05-31 18:15:00

Florence Welch seems to be recovering nicely from the broken foot that's kept her sitting on a stool during the last few live performances (don't ever jump off a Coachella stage, kids). She appeared on The Graham Norton Show on Friday where she performed Ship to Wreck from her soon-to-be-released album How Big How Blue How Beautiful. The new album is, according to Welch, scaled-down and more personal. And that's evident in Ship to Wreck, it lacks the over-the-top embellishments that defined the first album, while the song's lyrics take aim at Welch's indecisive ex.

Some Women Actually Don't Want You to Give Them Flowers, OK?

2015-05-31 16:45:00

I know it's hard for some factions of the universe to accept, but not all women are into jewelry. Not all women cream themselves over the very mention of chocolate, either. And some women wouldn't even know what to do if their intended showed up on their doorstep clutching a $4.99 bouquet from Trader Joe's, ostensibly to brighten up their day. Flowers just don't do for it some women.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

TOP STORY PEREZ HILTON: What Is Casey Anthony Doing In New York City This Weekend?!

It's probably been a few years since you've thought of the infamous name...
Now, Casey Anthony may soon be resurfacing in the public eye in New York City, and if reports are correct, it isn't going to be for the best of reasons.
Here's what we know:
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Is Shirley Clements really 60-years-old?!
What do you think?

Last January, Shirley performed a FABULOUS rendition of Bruno MarsUptown Funk to celebrate her retirement from teaching.
What do you think?

What do you think?

Let's just say the former dance teacher absolutely killed the performance!!!
What do you think?

Check out the unbelievable vid (below)!!
What do you think?

Wow. We're soo impressed!
What do you think?

Congrats on your retirement, Shirley!!!

Pictures of Children in Bathing Suits Are Not 'Sexy,' You are Gross

Pictures of Children in Bathing Suits Are Not 'Sexy,' You are Gross

2015-05-30 19:45:00

My sweet 5-year-old likes to run around naked wearing only a belt, which she ties so that it has a long piece dangling out in front, a piece which she calls her fake penis. She grabs it and shakes it and goes, "fake penis fake penis!" It's a real gas. I've taken a picture of her doing this. I wouldn't post it on the Internet because I'm not a complete monster, but even if I did I would expect that some people would be outraged and some people would find it quite funny. Such is the Internet.

Paris Says Goodbye to Your Annoying and Dangerous Love Locks

2015-05-30 20:30:00

If you were a lovestruck tourist who visited Paris and attached a lock on the Pont des Arts bridge to symbolize your undying devotion to your sweetheart, your token of affection is about to be destroyed. The popular trend of placing locks on the famous bridge will come to an end on Monday, when close to a million padlocks will be removed from the site. Metal railings that attracted the locks will first be replaced with paintings, followed by glass panels. Passersby who feel compelled to declare their love with some passionate graffiti, prepare to be duped: the transparent paneling will be easy to clean. Your romantic litter is not welcome.

Nonprofit With 'No Pregnancy in the Workplace' Policy Loses Lawsuit 

2015-05-30 18:15:00

Resource technician Shamira Johnson filed a lawsuit against her Houston-based employer United Bible Fellowship Ministries, Inc., a care facility for disabled people, after they fired her for becoming pregnant. According to the EEOC complaint, the nonprofit maintained a "no pregnancy in the workplace" policy that meant it refused to hire pregnant women and fired employees once they became pregnant.

Taylor Swift Concert Bracelets End Up Saving Teens' Lives

2015-05-30 21:15:00

Did you know that Taylor Swift hands out light-up bracelets that synchronize to her music at all of her concerts? Does the idea sound dumb to you? Well, how dumb are they now that you know that they SAVE teens' lives??? That's right! Not dumb at all!

500 Days of Kristin, Day 125: Little Squiggle and Little Brown Around

2015-05-30 17:00:00

"There's a ton" of new Kristin Cavallari-branded jewelry available for purchase online today, according to Kristin. Two new items from her line called Emerald Duv—pronunciation unknown —are especially exciting. One is called "Little Brown Around," the other, "Little Squiggle." Can you guess what they are?

Saturday Night Social: Two Cool Pigs

2015-05-30 23:30:00

If you're in the mood for a Saturday night filled with emotions (the good kind), prepare to fall in love with Pumba and Boris, two miniature potbellied pigs who pay weekly visits to seniors living with Alzheimer's.

Fox's Megyn Kelly Will Interview Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar

2015-05-30 16:45:00

Megyn Kelly will interview Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar on Wednesday night. They are expected to discuss the recent news that their son, Josh Duggar, molested four of their daughters. Jim Bob and Michelle will also discuss the future of their TLC show, 19 Kids and Counting.

So This Whisky Is Supposed to Taste Like Porn Stars

2015-05-29 23:10:00

Have you ever been drinking whisky and had the thought "man, this is gross and I bet it would be much better if it had been made by a beautiful woman and tasted like her, too?" Yes? Me too! That's why Whisky by X is for us. It's a new and exciting party liquor that is created and made by beautiful women for the men who love them (and whisky and also very confusing ad campaigns).

Friday GIF Party!

2015-05-29 22:50:00

Welcome to the Friday GIF Party, a new feature we just created that may or may not become a regular thing in which we make a GIF, post the GIF, and then have a party in its honor. For today's installment, we made a GIF based on this photo taken yesterday of Selma Blair and Sarah Michelle Gellar reenacting their Cruel Intentions kiss in front of Reese Witherspoon.
Создано в сервисе

Chrissy Teigen's Upcoming Cookbook Looks Interesting

2015-05-29 23:30:00

In today's Tweet Beat, Chrissy Teigen's test kitchen, Sarah Michelle Geller recreates a fond memory and isn't Lena Dunham precocious?

All of the Mad Men Loose Ends Matthew Weiner Wanted to Tie Up But Didn't

2015-05-29 22:30:00

Today, a senior writer for Entertainment Weekly tweeted out a photo of what he claims was Matthew Weiner's "wish list" for the end of Mad Men. With the knowledge of hindsight, it's about as tragically unfulfilled as a a four-year-old girl's "Dear Santa, Please bring me a pony" letter.

'Was Murdered Here': Very Grim Yelp Reviews of National Monuments

2015-05-29 22:10:00

Welcome to Grim Yelp Reviews, a regular feature where we share people's worst experiences at the worst places. This week: angrily one-starring our nation's most beloved national treasures because they're, like, smaller than you thought they'd be.

Joni Mitchell Had An Aneurism In March, Remains In Serious Condition

2015-05-29 21:50:00

When Joni Mitchell was hospitalized this March, we were given the devastating news that she was in a coma. Our nerves were calmed when it was reported she wasn't in a coma at all, but simply had a "minor medical emergency" and was "getting stronger" every day. Today we've received a new, less calming update: Billboard is reporting Mitchell's hospitalization was due to a brain aneurism, and that she's currently in "very serious condition."

Martin O'Malley, That Guy From Maryland, is Running for President

2015-05-30 16:00:00

Former Baltimore mayor and Maryland governor, Martin O'Malley has made it official: He announced earlier today that he would be seeking the Democratic nomination.

Bruce Jenner Will Appear on Cover of Vanity Fair Post Transition

2015-05-30 14:30:00

Bruce Jenner will appear on the cover of Vanity Fair "as a woman." This will be Jenner's first interview and photoshoot since announcing that he was transitioning. The spread is rumored to be photographed by VF's staple photographer, Annie Leibowitz. The issue will hit newsstands sometime in the summer. [People]

Feminist Students Protest Feminist Prof for Writing About Feminism

2015-05-29 21:30:00

As feminist student activists fight to expand their circle of vulnerability in collegiate life, Title IX has gone from a law designed to protect college students from sexual misconduct and discrimination to a means by which professors are put on trial for their tweets.

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