Friday, May 29, 2015

8 Men Found Guilty of Exploiting Alzheimer's-Stricken L'Oreal Heiress

2015-05-29 15:10:00

Eight men were found guilty on Thursday of exploiting 92-year-old Liliane Bettencourt, the richest woman in Europe.

Irvine Apartment Company Reminds Black Residents to Keep the Noise Down

2015-05-29 14:50:00

Nothing to see here, just a normal sign from a cool residential management company with specific noise control instructions for black people. No big deal at all.

'Konfuzed' Chris Brown Writes Open Letter About How He Hates Himself

2015-05-29 14:30:00

Chris Brown is doing some reflecting (literally and figuratively), telling the world, "There has been times where I looked in the mirror and hated the person I see."

Lil Mama Promotes Condoms & Breakfast In Feel-Good Video for 'Sausage'

2015-05-29 14:15:00

Lil Mama is here with a public service announcement: Sausage tastes great, and wrap it up.

The First Ever TED Talk About Abortion is Happening Today

2015-05-29 13:50:00

At the TEDWomen conference in California this morning, a quiet bit of history is being made: the organization will host its first talk about abortion, by Aspen Baker of the organization Exhale Pro-Voice. Just in case we're getting too excited though, the same conference reportedly turned away the Kiva co-founder and her nursing infant. From a conference on women and girls.

Here We Go Again, Seasons Two and Three of Serial Have Premiere Dates

2015-05-29 13:30:00

Serial, the blockbuster podcast whose first season inspired a million thinkpieces, has announced the premiere dates for its second and third seasons, so get ready for more opinions. Variety reports Sarah Koenig will be returning as host, and revealed the new seasons will be "very different...but no less interesting" than the first season, which famously investigated the murder of Hae Min Lee.

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