Thursday, May 28, 2015

Go Fug Yourself:Fug or Fab: Rachel McAdams

Fug or Fab: Rachel McAdams

2015-05-28 17:00:19
Special Screening Of Columbia Pictures' "ALOHA" - Arrivals GettyImages-474904994
First of all, I love her haircut. Second of all, does it make her look strongly like Elizabeth Banks? Third: Maybe Elizabeth Banks and Rachel McAdams should play sisters in something. Part of this reaction might be stemming from the fact that this seems like something Elizabeth Banks might wear: A little wacky, a bit Read More ...

Your Afternoon Man: Guy Pearce

2015-05-28 21:00:46

guy pearceIf Guy is going to go Hanes on us at a premiere, he needs to steam his jacket, at the very least. Having said that: I didn't recognize him at first with the beard. What do we think, Fug Nation? Does it make him a silver fox, or just a nutty professor? Though in truth Read More ...

Создано в сервисе

Recent Fugs and Fines of Emma Stone

2015-05-28 20:00:07
emma stone aloha screening emma stone aloha london premiere emma stone aloha london
She seems to be back with Andrew Garfield — whose man bun may be a remnant of that Scorsese movie about silent monks in Japan, but we should discuss it nonetheless — so everybody exhale for a second. Okay. I mean, maybe he was just being really irritating and Method when he was prepping for Read More ...

Barely Fuglal: Hailee Steinfeld

2015-05-28 19:00:44

hailee steinfeld barely lethalIn fairness, I don't think this is actually sheer. It just wants you to THINK it might be sheer, because its priorities are messed up. Instead, it's a futuristic and aggravating cross between a dirndl, a harness, and fishnet stockings. So, while we're not in full pizza territory here, we could sidestep and talk about tapenades. Read More ...

Fug or Fab: Cobie Smulders

2015-05-28 18:00:24

cobie smulders results premiereResults is apparently a movie about "two mismatched personal trainers whose lives are upended by the actions of a new, wealthy client," which a) I will watch on a plane or when I am sick, but no other time, and b) may explain why Cobie's hair is in Treadmill Mode. It also may explain the Read More ...

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