Friday, May 22, 2015

Uncle Terry Captures Johnny Depp’s Gay Wife

Amber Heard Goes To Terry For Interview Magazine
People who were writing Terry Richardson off into perv Conventry lacked a basic understanding of how the modeling business works. It’s like complaining to Caligula about men covering their naked bodies in Easy Cheese and having the fish nibble their shlongs in the public pools. It’s only go to excite him. You he’ll have murdered. Wet blanket. Terry Richardson has been triple booked since allegations of him slapping his peen across the cheeks of numerous Slovakian models came to light. In particular A-list celebrities are lining up to enter his studio for his creepy polaroid style photos. It’s not that they don’t care about Uncle Terry pegging Eastern European waifs in his BDSM dungeon, it’s just that they don’t care as much as they want decent cover photos for major magazines. Nobody wins here except for everybody not from Budapest.
Photo Credit: Terry Richardson For Interview Magazine

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