Monday, June 15, 2015

CFDAs Well Played, Emmy Rossum in Dion Lee

2015-06-02 21:30:23
GettyImages-475601826 GettyImages-475545352
Let's start with something very important. Good shoes: The front SEEMS slightly boring, perhaps, but then! THEN! The heel. Delightful and divine. (They are, for your shoe-ogling needs, by Paul Andrew, who was her date, and she's got an even better shot of them on her Instagram.) But about the rest of it: There's every Read More ...

CFDAs Fug or Funky: Jemima Kirke in Rosie Assoulin

2015-06-02 21:00:35
jemima kirke CFDA Awards 2015I think Rosie Assoulin is, generally, just not my cup of java. Plenty of people really like and respond to her designs, but I almost never seem to, and this might be another to add to that list: I can understand the appeal: It's unusual, it's trying something, it's got shape, and for the love of Read More ...

CFDA Fugs and Fabs: The Models

coco rocha CFDA 20152015-06-02 22:00:11
karlie kloss CFDA 2015 hannah davis CFDA 2015  
Other than Margulies and a few people here and there, the CFDAs were a shockingly pizza-free event. I was SURE it would be all Little Caesars up in here. Read More ...
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