Monday, January 23, 2017

Looking for the Freshest Films at Sundance? Seek Out the Shorts

“Filmmakers are using shorts to explore the world of a story they’re interested in—that can lead to very unique and challenging films.”

Something about the narrowed runtime of a short film can open all kinds of creative possibilities that a feature may not be able to explore in the long form. As a result, the short films being programmed at Sundance this year offer windows into the most daring experiments and topical subjects that filmmakers are tackling.

As a Sundance Short Film Programmer, Emily Doe gets to see thousands of these experiments first-hand, and develops an eye for trends that emerge out of a such a big selection. “We received over 9,000 short film submissions, so trends are certainly endless,” says Doe. “Working from memory, I can make hundreds of connections between films. Thinking about some of the shorts we are programming this year, there are some definite trends that emerged in terms of style and subject matter. When you look at what’s going on in our culture right now, a lot of that is reflected in the short films at the festival, which tells you what a lot of filmmakers have on their minds.”

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Looking for the Freshest Films at Sundance? Seek Out the Shorts

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