Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Meet Volt, a Steadicam for Smartphones

Steadicam adds power to the longstanding Merlin design for hybrid smartphone stabilizers.

The original Steadicam design is one of the most innovative in the history of cinema, driven by the passionate vision of Garrett Brown. Of course, the arm and vest rig was designed for much larger cinema cameras, while more and more filmmakers are working with smaller and smaller cameras. DJI has gained a foothold with the Osmo line of stabilizers for small cameras, and GoPro has even gotten into the mix with the Karma Grip.

Now, the original innovator Steadicam is making its play for the market with the new Volt. Built around the design for the Steadicam Merlin, a clever bit of engineering that Steadicam has made in various forms for decades, and combined with technology from drone maker Yuneec, the Volt is quite possibly the best solution for smoother smartphone shots yet.

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Meet Volt, a Steadicam for Smartphones

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