Saturday, January 21, 2017

Saturday Hot Links

Time for the 273rd installment of Saturday Hot Links, your week’s essential reading about movies, TV, streaming, Hollywood, and other things of writerly interest.

Sundance Hot List: 17 Movies That Will Sell.

Amazon Offers Sundance Film Selections Up to $ 100,000 Bonus for Exclusive Streaming Rights.

Amazon’s Film Chief on Sundance Buying Plans, Rival Netflix and Apple’s Possible Movie Play.

Having a Sundance Hit May Not Make You Rich Anymore.

For Years, No One in Hollywood Wanted to Make ‘La La Land’.

American Film Institute Reveals 25 Women Chosen for the Fox Filmmakers Lab.

Women Only Spoke 27% of the Dialogue in 2016’s Top Grossing Films.

‘Hidden Figures’ and The Hope for More Real Science Stories.

As Michael Lynton Exits, Will Sony Double Down on Hollywood or Sell?

Piracy Survey: 39% of U.S. Consumers Don’t Care That Studios Lose Money From Illegal Sharing.

Paramount Turned Down Pitch For ‘Transformers’/’G.I. Joe’ Crossover.

Seven Reasons To Be Optimistic About Cinema.

Hollywood’s 4 New Gender-Bending Reboots.

Horror’s Love Affair With Twist Endings: Why do we love being fooled so much?

29 books to read before they become movies in 2017

Russian Box Office Grows 9.5% to $ 727 Million in 2016.

China’s Wanda Reports 31 Percent Increase in Film Income in 2016.

How Thomas Tull’s Legendary Deal Ran Into a Great Wall.

Annapurna Pictures Launches Distribution Arm.

Los Angeles Location Production Gains 6.2% in 2016.

If Deadpool Is Nominated for Best Picture, Can We Still Enjoy Movies?

Never-Before-Seen Footage of Marilyn Monroe Uncovered.

Son of Frankenstein: Hitting the Horror Trifecta.

Info on the 2017 HBOAccess Writing Fellowship.

James Cameron is making a documentary series about the history of sci-fi.

Immersive film festival will celebrate the legacy of John Hughes.

The Media, They Are A Changin’: A Future Of Cinematic Television.

PBS Will Launch Family Night on New PBS Kids Channel.

Westworld and the Meaning of Life: Appraising the show’s philosophy.

Would Disney’s Rumored Acquisition of Netflix Make Sense?

It’s Official: Twitter Has Shut Down Vine.

The Black List Interview: Kathy Charles.

Doug Richardson: How to Fix Really Bad Dialogue.

Listen: Scriptnotes (Episode 284).

Watch: Why do movies and TV matter now.

Watch: SNL Movie Interview Spoof.

Watch: David Lynch Dance.

Watch: The Weight of Gravity: Exploring the Importance and Influence of Cuaron’s Intimate Epic.

Watch: The Most Beautiful Shots in The History of Disney.

Watch: Pixar Video Reveals Hidden Easter Eggs and How All of Their Movies Are Connected.

Screenwriting Master Class tip of the week

From elevator pitches to development meetings to conference calls with talent, a screenwriter’s ability to share stories in a variety of narrative forms is both a valuable and necessary skillset. In the upcoming 1-week Screenwriting Master Class online course Story Summaries: From Loglines to Beat Sheets [starts January 30], you will learn six different story summaries that are critical assets for any screenwriter.

A screenwriter not only needs to know how to write a script, we also have to be able to convey our stories in multiple other ways. Beyond that, every time we shape a story in a different way, we learn something about it. As such, summaries can be helpful tools in developing, understanding, and crafting our scripts.

This 1-week online course that I will be teaching covers multiple story summaries: Logline, Synopsis, Breakdown, Treatment, Scriptment, and Beat Sheet.

Learn the ins and outs of six different story summaries including using them to help you craft your stories.

Plus you will have the opportunity to craft a logline of your own story with an optional workshop exercise.

The course consists of:

Seven lectures written by Scott Myers

Daily forum Q&As

Optional workshop writing exercises with instructor and class feedback.

A live teleconference between instructor and class members.

In the past, the response from participants in this course has been extremely positive. Here are some testimonials:

The prepared lectures alone are worth the price of this class. But, the added bonus of discussing the lectures as well as being able to workshop my loglines with Scott and my classmates was a fantastic learning experience that really helped me develop my ability to whittle an idea down to one intriguing sentence. If your manager, agent, guru, mother, or favorite reader asks you for a synopsis, treatment, beat sheet, or logline and you have no idea what any of those are, then this class is for you. — Calvin Starnes

Just wanted to thank everyone in this class especially Scott for a most valuable week of learning. I found this type of interactive environment has been far more helpful for me than reading books has been. The group collaboration has been

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