Sunday, February 12, 2017

Go Into The Story Interview: Justin Piasecki

2016 Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting winner.

Justin Piasecki wrote the original screenplay “Death of an Ortolan” which won a 2016 Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting. Recently I had the opportunity to chat with Justin about his background, his award-winning script, and what winning the Nicholl has meant to him.

Justin Piasecki

Here are links to the six installments of the entire interview:

Part 1: “Read as many screenplays as you can. That is a total education in itself. Any time you see a scene in a movie or on a television show, and you feel something as a result of that scene, figure out how they did that. Figure how they accomplished that visual emotion, linguistically.’

Part 2: “I always thought last meals were inherently conflicting: ‘Here’s a refined symbol of our humanity on a plate before a blunt, unrefined inhumanity.’ Whether you support the death penalty or not, those ideologies butt heads.”

Part 3: “If you ask some people here, “What do you think of the death penalty?” They’ll say it’s savage. You go to another person next door that maybe has had somebody taken from them and they may say it’s just, or necessary. I try to respectfully acknowledge each of those.”

Part 4: “ I went into this having 15 things that I thought would… need to be. At the end, there’s maybe three of them. They were three things that I just loved. They were why I was working on the story.”

Part 5: “When I moved out here, I really had no connections by any means. I made a Google calendar of a bunch of screenplay contests and fellowships that I thought this would be a good fit for.”

Part 6: “People do vomit drafts. I don’t do that. But I’ll do vomit scenes, then I’ll go back through and I’ll cut it halfway.”

Justin is repped by CAA and Zero Gravity Management.


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