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Saturday Hot Links

Time for the 275th installment of Saturday Hot Links, your week’s essential reading about movies, TV, streaming, Hollywood, and other things of writerly interest.

Sundance’s Streaming Arms Race: Netflix, Amazon Lead Spending Spree.

This Is the Year Netflix Tried to Swallow Sundance.

Buyer or Seller, Selling a Movie At Sundance 2017 Is More Complicated Than Ever.

One Third of the Films At Sundance Were Directed By Women.

The Radical — And Fun! — Way Two Sundance Filmmakers Are Changing The Movie Business.

James Cameron Says The Oscars Aren’t Fair To Blockbusters.

Sony Takes $ 962M Film Unit Write-Down.

Behind Sony’s Billion-Dollar Write-Down: A Clean Slate or Megadeal Bait?

Disney Reaches $ 100 Million Settlement With Animation Workers Over Wage-Fixing Allegations.

Disney Has Worst Track Record Backing Black Directors.

Who Wants to Be a Studio Chief? Legendary Ouster Sparks Hollywood Exec Scramble.

Why Hollywood as We Know It Is Already Over.

Don’t Look Now, But Cinema Is Dead Again.

Nikki Finke back in business with Jay Penske.

Beau Willimon Declares War On Donald Trump, Eviscerates White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

A New Study Says That While Awareness of Hollywood’s Diversity Problem Is Increasing, Opportunity Is Not.

A massive 100-word dictionary was made to create the alien language in ‘Arrival’.

Has the Marvel Cinematic Universe become too complicated to enjoy?

How Avatar made $ 2.7 billion and garnered almost no fan base.

Sun Valley Screenwriter’s Lab to Be Hosted by ‘The Big Short’s’ Charles Randolph.

Oxygen Officially Rebranding as Crime-Focused Network.

HBO developing movie about the making of The Godfather.

IMDb Shutting Down Message Boards and Private Messaging

The Huffington Post Ratifies Union Contract.

Art Under Fascism: Overcoming Hopelessness and Making Something, Because it Matters.

Listen: Scriptnotes (Episode 286).

Listen: WGA Podcast (Episode 45).

Watch: 2017 Awards Nominees Supercut.

Screenwriting Master Class tip of the week

In Hollywood, there is a saying I’ve heard more than once: “Exposition = Death.” Why? Because nothing can bore readers more than the delivery of setting, information, data and backstory. Yet every script, play or story you write requires you to include exposition.

That’s why I created the Screenwriting Master Class course Handling Exposition. In this unique 1-week online class, we will break down exposition into various types, then by analyzing numerous examples from well known movies, delve into six key principles and techniques on how to best handle it:

  • Exposition as Fascination
  • Exposition as Mystery
  • Exposition as Revelation
  • Exposition as Conflict
  • Exposition as Action
  • Exposition as Humor

Plus 7 insider tips on working with exposition.

In addition, you can workshop exposition in your own stories using the principles and tips you learn in the course.

And the always popular Logline Workshop.

Thanks a million, Scott, for being there for us inspiring writers and for the practical, real and valuable learning experience that was hands down the best writing class I have ever taken. I was blown away by the creative and practical tools imparted from you in the Exposition Craft Class.

— Katalin Szonyi

This class definitely expanded my ability to deal with exposition in ways that I hadn’t considered before. The lectures, along with the accompanying examples, are a fantastic resource if you either struggle with exposition or are just looking for a new perspective.

— Calvin Starnes

The class consists of:

Seven lectures written by Scott Myers
Special insider tips
Daily forum Q&As
Workshop writing exercises with instructor and class feedback
A 90-minute live teleconference between instructor and class members

Trust me, you need to know how to handle exposition. That’s why I created this course. And this is the only time I’ll be teaching it in 2017!

That’s right, I’m offering this class just once this year.

So join me beginning Monday, February 13 for Handling Exposition, a 1-week immersion in this critical aspect of the screenwriting craft.

Enroll here!

Or have access to all 10 Craft Classes for nearly 60% off the regular price for The Craft Package.


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