Friday, February 17, 2017

Spec Script Deals Analysis 2016: Top Sales

Continuing our week long analysis of spec script sales from 2016, today we look at the deals with the biggest payoffs (at least as reported by various news outlets):

Horton Foote

Moonfall — Science Fiction
Roland Emmerich, Harald Kloser, Spenser Cohen — Seven figures

The Aeronauts — Action Adventure
Jake Thorne — Seven figures

American Rebel — Historical Drama
Christopher Cosmos — High six figures

The Miserable Adventures of Burt Squire Aboard the Horn High Yo — Adventure Comedy
Ben Bolea — Mid-six figures

StuberAction Comedy
Tripper Clancy — Mid-six figures

Besties — Comedy
Cassie Daniels, Mark Bartosic — Low to mid-six figures

Man Alive — Science Fiction
Joe Greenberg — Six figures

The Silver Arrow — Heist Thriller
Nika Agiashvili — Six figures

Backward Falling — Science Fiction Romance
Byron Willinger, Phillip De Blasi — Low six figures

There were several more deals with no sales price reported, but were acquired in competitive bidding situations or preemptive purchases including Bravado, Captive State, Couple Up, Exposure, Fairy Godmother, The Last Days of Night, Life Itself, Mary, Red Widow.

Congratulations, writers!

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Tomorrow: First timers!


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Spec Script Deals Analysis 2016: Top Sales

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