Sunday, February 12, 2017

This Video Essay About ‘Pleasantville’ is Pure Cinema Magic

Kentucker Audley, founder of indie site NoBudge, loves movies almost as much as he loves satire.

In actor/filmmaker/NoBudge-founder Kentucky Audley’s first-ever video essay, he chooses to tackle the “Ron Howard”-helmed Pleasantville, a film about two teenagers from the ’90s who go into their favorite ’50s sitcom and end up teaching everyone in the soul-crushing, monochrome town many lessons, including the importance of color, as well as, in Audley’s words, “having sex, and reading books.”

There’s nothing we can say to describe this video essay that will be more entertaining than watching it, so it’s best just to sit back in awe of Audley’s trenchant analysis. (Pro tip: It’s satire.)

In his breakdown of Pleasantville‘s “excellent cinematography, themes, and performances,” it’s clear that Audley has a bone or two to pick with the video essay medium.

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This Video Essay About ‘Pleasantville’ is Pure Cinema Magic

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