Thursday, February 16, 2017

Video: 5 Clever Filmmaking Tricks You Should Know About

Learn how to pull off some of the oldest (but best) tricks in the filmmaking book.

Filmmaking has a lot of secret tricks of the trade that a beginner may not be aware of—until now! Ryan Connolly and the rest of the crew over at Film Riot have made a video detailing five simple filmmaking tricks that you can use in almost every of your projects, including how to make a room appear bigger than it is, how to make sexy movie sweat, and how to shoot for the reverse. Check it out below:

How to make a room bigger

Some spaces don’t leave you with much room to work with, which makes it difficult to get the coverage you want without making the scene feel claustrophobic. Luckily, there’s a way pros maximize small spaces to give the illusion that the scene is taking place in a bigger, more spacious location. If you’re shooting something like an over-the-shoulder scene, simply shoot one character’s dialogue from one side of the room, and then move your camera to the opposite side to pick up the other’s.

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Video: 5 Clever Filmmaking Tricks You Should Know About

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