Saturday, February 25, 2017

Video: Pixar Animation Studios Tour

21 minutes inside arguably the most successful movie studio ever!

And by successful, I am referring to the fact that the 17 feature length movies Pixar has produced on average have generated $ 640M in worldwide box office revenues.

No studio comes close to that per film average.


Imagine working out of THIS office!

I am a huge fan of Pixar because chief among the reasons for their success is the company’s obsession with storytelling. It’s Story first, Story last, and Story every step of the way.

This video is a live tour of the studio, starting in The Steve Jobs Building, which houses production, and begins with a visit to an audio recording studio, where they record ‘scratch’ dialogue, usually by Pixar employees, then at some point, the name talent.

Then a stop by the studio’s Pixar store which sells exclusive gear and toys for Pixar employees including some John Lasseter Hawaiian shirts.

A really cool part of the tour: The animation department. Check out the animator’s offices. So much visual fun including the “downed office plane”.

Finally the piece de resistance: A visit to John Lasseter’s office which is quite literally filled with toys [see photo above].

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Video: Pixar Animation Studios Tour

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