Monday, March 20, 2017

‘American Gods’ Sneak Preview: ‘It’s Reveal After Reveal’

The showrunners and cast of highly anticipated series ‘American Gods’ shared some BTS secrets at SXSW.

Television’s evolution as an increasingly viable and respectable platform for filmmakers was further confirmed with the American Gods sneak preview world premiere at—none other than—a film festival. It was the SXSW film festival, to be exact, and the line of filmmakers, film lovers, and sci-fi fans waiting to get in was hundreds long.

American Gods is a new series premiering on the Starz network next month, and based on the bestselling novel of the same name by cult author, graphic novelist, and screenwriter Neil Gaiman. In a pre-recorded video, Gaiman himself introduced the pilot episode, assuring the audience that we were the “first people in the entire world” to see the show.

“Nothing is ever as it seems in this show. It’s reveal after reveal after reveal.”

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‘American Gods’ Sneak Preview: ‘It’s Reveal After Reveal’

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