Saturday, March 11, 2017

Directing Live Cinema? Think of it Like Horror

Director Yara Travieso has created a circular experience that redefines ‘interactive’ with her new performance and film ‘La Medea’

If the core of “live cinema” is the desire to create a realm of possibilities in which the rehearsed performances of an actor are filmed through the lens of the raw, unscripted influence of a live audience, the Dance Films Association’s La Medea has honed in on something new and visceral.

The project began in the black box performance space of Brooklyn’s BRIC Arts on the night of the Performance Space 122’s Coil Festival premiere performance of La Medea, by Yara Travieso. As audiences entered, there was an elevated sense of impending participation and the expectation of the unexpected.

In the performance space, three camera operators hit their marks throughout the continuous 80-minute show.

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Directing Live Cinema? Think of it Like Horror

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