Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Movies You Made: “Scene”

An ongoing series to spotlight filmmakers and promote their storytelling. Today: Scene, written and directed by Jim McQuaid.

Story Description: An aspiring actress struggles to make it in LA. She needs the help of her ex-boyfriend to make audition videos. Seems like she's not great auditions anymore. Rejection and disappointment are taking their toll.

Lilly Nelson from the movie “Scene”


Cecilia Rose Spencer—Lilly Nelson
Jack Miller—Brandon Rafalson


Camera Operator—Nick Graetz
Sound—Tom Hauser
Armorer—Wayne Pecinich
Makeup —Wanda Lilly
Hairdresser —Kelly Cook
Set Decoration —Charlie Neufeld
PA—Julia Kenny

Here is the short film Scene:


I ask each of the Movies You Made participants to answer this question: What is it about this particular story that inspired you to make your movie? Here is Jim’s response:

All of my films deal with human connection; it’s successes and failures. Most have ended with a bit of hope, redemption or love. This one doesn’t. I was drawn to a story that portrayed failure.

In addition to my film work, I did a lot of actor’s audition videos for a couple years. In both, there’s a sometimes amazing shift from the actor as a colleague to the actor “in character” and back.

Many years ago, I had the good fortune to witness a lecture-demonstration by the great mime teacher, Jacques LeCoq. He performed an exercise known as mask & contra-mask. It highlights the power of the mask (as actor assumes) and the contrast with what might lie underneath.

A succession of audition videos is a great lens for watching someone whose world is disintegrating, despite their efforts to project some other version of themselves.

I hadn’t planned on this, but it also turned out that the constraint of showing only what the camera could see when shooting the audition made it radically simple to produce. Each scene is a single take. We did twelve to fourteen takes of :each scene. Editing was more or less “pick one from column A, one from column B…”

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