Monday, March 6, 2017

SmallHD Puts 2500 Nits in New HD Monitors

SmallHD offers 2200 and 2500 nit monitors for high dynamic range monitoring in bright light situations.

Few things are more frustrating than a day exterior shoot where you can’t see the monitor due to bright glare. While monitor shades can help, and having a grip hollywood a 4×4 floppy behind the camera is even better, the best possible solution is a monitor bright enough to survive in an outdoor environment. An additional benefit of a super-bright monitor is the ability to handle the brightness needs of high dynamic range imagery—though that only requires around 1500 nits to qualify.

The new SmallHD UltraBright monitors far surpass that requirement with their 2200 and 2500 brightness ranges.

503Credit: SmallHD

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SmallHD Puts 2500 Nits in New HD Monitors

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