Friday, March 3, 2017

Unreal Game Engine Could Change VFX Forever

The Unreal game engine renders visual effects in real-time, and its technology could change the face of post-production.

Two cars race each other on winding, scenic highway, one slowly overtaking the other. Standard car commercial? Not quite. It’s being edited in real-time—and only one of the cars is actually there.

When we recently marveled at the announcement of the Blackbird, a “mule” car from VFX company The Mill that can act as a stand-in for any virtual vehicle, it seemed like a futuristic invention that might not have real-life implications in the near future. Little did we know that the company would hit the ground running. Utilizing Epic’s Unreal Engine, which computer game developers use to render visual assets in real-time, The Mill shot a short film that pushes the boundaries of both technologies, merging real-time VFX and live-action storytelling.

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Unreal Game Engine Could Change VFX Forever

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