Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Zero Draft Thirty 2017 Spring Challenge: Day 15

One month. FADE IN to FADE OUT. Creativity meets Productivity.

Zero Draft Thirty: Day 15.

Write an entire draft of a script in March — FADE IN. FADE OUT. Or any sort of creative goal you have in front of you.

Feature length movie screenplay. Original TV pilot. Rewrite a current project. Break a story in prep. Generate a month’s worth of story concepts.

Whatever you feel will ratchet your creative ambitions into overdrive…


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Today’s Writing Quote

”The term ‘narrative drive’ means writing so the reader/audience senses
something is about to happen — and it matters.”

— John Hill

Today’s Inspirational Video

There has never been a late night talk show host who could match the comic timing and sensibilities of Johnny Carson. Witness this classic exchange with Burt Reynolds. This is only a snippet. It went on for several more minutes. But notice how Carson tops the gag at the end of the clip. It’s also a good object lesson about the power of visual storytelling. No dialogue between the pair, yet tons of laughs. I find that inspiring!

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